New Single
“5 a.m.” is released!

EP “Goodbye for now.” を挟みリリースされた、約1年振りとなるシングル。R&Bやソウルなどの要素を咀嚼し、積極的に取り入れることでバンドの新たな可能性を示した。夏らしい爽やかな曲調と物憂げな歌詞とのコントラストが夢うつつの隙間を描く。
This single is released for the first time in about a year. After the EP “Goodbye for now.”, by comprehending elements such as R&B and soul, and actively incorporating them, they showed new possibilities of the band. The contrast between the summery refreshing tune and the melancholy lyrics express the borderland between dream and reality.

EMPTYSCENARIO / 5 a.m.Release date: 2020/07/19
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